About project Time 365

Time 365 helps to simplify calculations in various areas. Our aim is to help users get data quickly by the formula.

You can see our sections on the home page of the web-site. We try to cover as many topics related to calculations as possible and provide convenient services. The main value of our project is its users. We thoroughly examine your every letter and try to deal with your matters.

If you have any suggestions for the development of our web-site, or you would like to see a new calculator or service - write to our email: i@time365.info

Exact time

The exact time in 1,6 mln cities

Day length

The day length in 1,6 mln cities

Date calculator

Number of days left till a date


Monthly calendar for 3 000 years

Namaz times

The namaz times in 1,6 mln cities


1,6 mln cities on the satellite map